President Xi JinPing visited Fujian province on 21-22 November 2014.

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During an inspection tour to the province recently, President Xi JinPing expressed his love for Fujian, a place he worked in for more then 17 years. The romance between Fujian and Xi, a native of Fuping, Shaanxi Province, dates back to 1985 when he was appointed Deputy Mayor of Xiamen City. He also assumed Senior Party and Government posts in Ningde, Fuzhouand later the Fujian Provincial Government from 1988 to 2002.


President Xi holds strong connections and harbors deep feelings for everything including cadres and residents and says ‘Fujian is my second hometown’.


He praised Fujian’s achievements in economic and social development and pledged that central authorities would further endorse its development. He also commented on the need to promote industrial upgrading and optimization which will enhance its competitive industries. Cultivating strategic emerging industries and transform traditional industries are important for our nation.


While pushing for higher economic goals,Fujian must pay attention to ecological protection, he added. With its agricultural diversity, Fujian can focus on modern characteristic agriculture and strive to increase the capacity of grain production in order to make farmers better off.

 Local officials must wake up to poverty-stricken old revolutionary areas in towns and  rural areas in the province and take good care of affairs concerning the livelihood of local people such as employment, education, medical services and social insurance.

He noted that the Party too must improve its working style and efficiency.