The Pediatric Project 2014

The Pediatric Project -

a partnership between Otago University ( Wellington ), Capital and Coast DHB, First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, and WXA , is now also receiving support from  Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. Each year two young medical staff from Xiamen are selected to undertake a 10 week attachment with specialist consultants at Wellington Hospital, under the care and guidance of Dr Thorsten Stanley, Senior Lecturer, Pediatrics, at University of Otago ( Wellington ). In turn, Dr Stanley has visited  Xiamen to lecture and discuss collaborative research projects. The role of WXA in the exchange has been largely to provide accommodation and social support for the visitors.

Both sides benefit from the sharing of knowledge and skills - experience gained by the Xiamen doctors while in Wellington has been very beneficial to clinical progress in Xiamen; and on the other hand, the large number of patients in Chinese hospitals means that larger sample groups are available for research projects, and also knowledge of conditions not yet seen in NZ offer potential for early diagnosis when they do finally present here.

This year the two visiting pediatric staff are endocrinologist Dr Xu Shanshan, and neo-natal ICU nurse Ms Xiao Yujuan. They arrived on September 4th, and are enjoying adapting to our New Zealand way of life, exploring the city and enjoying the work at Wellington Hospital.


l to r Janet Andrews, Ms Xiao, Mary Busch, Dr Xu



The Art Project 2014

The Art Project is a continuation of a number of years of exchanges between Wellington artists and the Art College of Jimei University. From the Wellington end, the artists have been independent, not representing any one institution, but several groups such as WXA and St James Gallery Trust have helped with hosting of artists and organising exhibitions . There have been two group exchanges to Jimei Art College from Wellington, where artists have painted and worked as artists in residence, with resulting joint exhibitions.

This year, the private art school The Learning Connexion invited a young Jimei University lecturer, Zou zhe, to visit for three weeks, to give presentations to staff and students Mens Cartier, conduct workshops, and generally join in the life of the school. Zou zhe arrived on October 8th, and has been kept extremely busy ever since.

Annual WXA BBQ 2014

Wellington Xiamen Banner



- enjoy music, activities, food, and learn more about Xiamen!

Partners and family members are welcome.    

Cash bar is available (no EFTPOS or credit cards).

When: Sunday 13th April, 3pm to 6pm 
Where: Victoria Bowling Club, 125 Pirie Street (parking and entrance by bus tunnel), Mt Victoria, Wellington

RSVP with numbers attending by Monday 8th April to WXA Secretary Liqin Mi on 021 620 670 or email

Citizens Visit to Xiamen 2013


Click on the link to see photos of the Visit to Xiamen in November 2013

"ALL FLIGHTS CANCELLED" - On one of the few days in the year that Wellington airport was forced to bow to the weather - fog not wind cancelled all flights to Auckland - a group of 12 Wellingtonians hoping to fly to China instead headed home to wait, while their leaders Janet Andrews ( WXA ) and Jeanne McKnight ( WCC ) spent most of the night in tortuous rescheduling. Tickets were finally sorted, and all 14 trip members reassembled in Auckland the next evening, via Christchurch!

Over the next 6 days the group participated in a marvellously full programme - visiting exhibitions, temples, historic villages, neighbouring cities, cultural performances, and of course enjoying the great variety of restaurants and eating places. A half day on Gulang Yu, and day trips to Quanzhou, Chongwu and the Dadi Toulou cluster, gave the group some understanding of the history of the area; visits around the city itself, to the Hui he Stone Culture Park, the Xiamen Urban Planning museum, the city library, Jimei artzone and Expo Garden, and the famous Nanputuo Temple, added glimpses of today's life in this vibrant and exciting city.

This trip was a small step in WXA's aim to help the citizens of each city experience, explore and learn about each other's culture - while most delegations are specifically civic, cultural, educational or involving business, this visit was to have a community level, people-to-people flavour. Although there were no formal functions to attend, all group members were to act as informal ambassadors of Wellington, and on return to promote knowledge of Xiamen as Wellington's Sister City within their own networks.

25th Anniversary Sister City 2012

Wellington Xiamen Association completed possibly the busiest year in its entire history with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of its sister city relationship with Xiamen in 2012. The 25th anniversary programme of events was submitted for an Air New Zealand Award at the 2013 Sister Cities NZ Conference at Tauranga. Although the programme did not win an award, committee members and supporters can be justifiably proud of their achievements over the year.


Download the full programme as two PDF fles:



Wellington Xiamen Association won an Air New Zealand Award for best youth, education or school project at the 2012 Sister Cities NZ Conference at Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington. Thanks to Mary Busch, Dr Thorsten Stanley, and our partners Wellington City Council, University of Otago (Wellington), and Capital & Coast DHB.


Download our winning application as three PDF files:



Some other project highlights are -

  • 2013 - Fourth Xiamen Doctors' Exchange programme (beginning a new three-year cycle).
  • 2013 - Xiamen Families attend Chinese New Year celebrations in Wellington.
  • 2012 - 2nd WXA Members' BBQ, addressed by Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.
  • 2012 - Third Xiamen Doctors' Exchange programme.
  • 2012 - Xiamen Song and Dance Group participates in Chinese New Year celebrations in Wellington
  • 2012 - WXA celebrates 25 years Sister City relationship.
  • 2011 - Artists' delegation to Xiamen, hosted by Jimei Art College.
  • 2011 - Inaugural WXA Members' BBQ, addressed by Wellington Deputy Mayor Ian McKinnon.
  • 2010 - Second Xiamen Doctors' Exchange programme.
  • 2010 WXA supports Chinese language students from Samuel Marsden Collegiate School to visit Xiamen No. 1 Middle School for ten days.
  • 2009 - Inaugural Xiamen Doctors' Exchange programme, with two doctors from Xiamen First Hospital working for three months in Wellington Regional Hospital under the supervision of Otago University School of Medicine.
  • 2008 - Ten students from Xiamen secondary schools visits Wellington and are placed in local schools who provide homestays and education for three weeks.
  • 2007 - WXA celebrates 20 years Sister City relationship.
  • 2007 - WXA along with WCC organises children's artwork competition and exhibition plus hosts prominent artists from Xiamen. Read more about the art competition and celebrations...
  • 2006 - WXA comes third in the Wellington Dragon Boat races.
  • 2006 - WXA wins Air New Zealand Sister Cities Award in Youth, Education and Schools category for the Sister Cities social studies resource.
  • 2003 - WXA launches Sister Cities, a teachers' resource supporting Level 5 Social Studies in the NZ Curriculum.
  • 2003 - Exhibition of Wellington City images showcasing the work of Wellingtonian photographers leaves for its permanent home in Xiamen.
  • 2002 - WXA along with WCC hosted a 60-strong Xiamen delegation to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the relationship. During Xiamen Day Wellingtonians were able to taste delicacies cooked by leading Xiamenese chefs, view art work by Mr Xu Li, and watch the Little Egrets.
  • 2001 - WXA hosted an exhibition of Xiamen canvas art curated by internationally famous artist Mr Xu Li, Vice Chairman of the Xiamen Literary and Art circles.
  • Since 2000 the Xiamen Business Council (under the umbrella of WXA) has encouraged and helped Wellington businesses to participate in the China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT), the second largest trade fair held each year in China.
  • 2000 - WXA sent a Wellington teacher to Xiamen to take part in a summer programme tutoring middle school teachers of English.
  • 1999 - WXA hosted a Xiamenese teacher of English for one month and mounted an exhibition of children's art painted by Xiamen pupils.
  • 1999 - WXA won the Air New Zealand Sister City Award for the Best Cultural Exchange.
  • Since 1998 Xiamen's internationally famous dance troupe "The Little Egrets" has visited Wellington three times.